The trouble with Internet security in public places is that it often leads to a lot of nervous insecurity for the user. After all, how private could searches and page visits really be when everyone is using the same unsecured public Wi-Fi? Let alone the trackers, viruses, and phishing sites trying to lure unsuspecting surfers into providing credit and identity information. Let’s just say there is a lot of nasty stuff on the Internet.

That is where F-Secure Freedome can help. This is a highly regarded, user-friendly security and online privacy service for iOS and Android, offering some very sophisticated features all in one app. But you don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to use it. In fact, it was designed for regular mobile users like you; not heavy-duty web geeks.

With Freedome you get a VPN (virtual private network), plus anti-virus, anti-tracking, and anti-phishing services. It provides digital freedom and real peace of mind. So how does it work?

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easy to navigate and user-friendlyHere’s the thing, when you use a search engine, it is generally encrypted and therefore not viewable by others on the shared public network; however, once you click on a new page that isn’t protected—be it your horoscope or something far more personal (or embarrassing)—anyone on the shared network with a bit of know-how can see it. F-Secure Freedome conceals your data so that no one else can read it, not even that nosy person in the coffee shop who seems to be looking right at you for no apparent reason.

It doesn’t even matter if you are on an unsecured public Wi-Fi network; your data stays safe. With Freedome, the only thing that users on the same network can possibly see is your connection to F-Secure Freedome, and that’s not embarrassing at all.

Not only that, Freedome blocks trackers, or those annoying companies that stalk your web habits to create ads based on your browser history (which can get totally awkward).  The app makes your clicks “invisible” and if trackers can’t see you, then they can’t track you, and you’ll never have to explain those 50 Shades of Grey ads to your kids again. Hypothetically speaking.

surf the Internet from any location

Another feature of F-Secure Freedome is the ability to set your location to a different place. For example, let’s say you’re on vacation in Europe and can’t bear to miss the latest episode of Homeland. Switch on Freedome from your  iOS or Android device and set your location to USA. You are then able to access all media services and streams as if you were still in the states. Also, what is Carrie going to do without Brody?

Freedome includes a browsing protection service that blocks harmful pages and lets you surf the web without having to worry about viruses and phishing sites—those fake pages created to look just like your bank’s website or favorite online store, with the aim of stealing your credit card or identification details. Those sites are out there, and Freedome keeps them far away.

protect your wi-fi activity

Get a 7-day free trial from our sponsor F-Secure Freedome for real peace of mind regarding Wi-Fi security, Internet privacy, and more. After that, subscriptions are a reasonable $4.99/month or $29.99/year.  Download F-Secure Freedome for iOS at iTunes, or  F-Secure Freedome for Android on Google Play for free and check it out.