Whether it’s the mean kid on the school bus who’s constantly trying to snag your kid’s cookies (I’m watching you, Logan!) or the office lunch thief who’s never been caught, the average lunch box isn’t up to the job of keeping out creeping hands. Science to the rescue!

This Geeky Chemistry Lunch Bag is made of neoprene with a waterproof lining and could possibly hold a dangerous and highly explosive mixture of Luteinum, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Hydrogen. With such a threatening mix of chemicals on the front, it can’t just harbor a delicious sandwich and an apple.

Geek Lunch Bag by Yellow Bug Boutique on Cool Mom Tech

If the intimidation factor of dangerous chemicals aren’t enough to sway you, it also features an adjustable strap and a front zipper pocket, and is available in four colors, though none of them glow in the dark, so we think you’re safe. But no, we don’t want any of your crackers, thanks.

Find this Geeky Chemistry Lunch Bag at Yellow Bug Boutique on Etsy.