While it may still be pleasant and warm — I’m currently wearing flip flops here in Denver myself — winter will soon be on its way. Too many NYC residents live in buildings with inadequate heat, but Heat Seek NYC aims to help change that, thanks to their current Kickstarter project.

A little background: NYC code requires indoor temperatures to meet certain minimums between October and May. But it’s hard for residents to prove violations: They have to keep manual logs and take them to housing court, or call 311 for a housing inspector to visit. It’s a subjective and unreliable system that puts too much of the burden on tenants.

Heat Seek NYC will build and install sensor networks comprised of cells and hubs in underheated buildings. The cells record the temperature hourly and transmit data to the hub — typically one hub per building, with cells in individual apartments. The hub connects to the Heat Seek NYC web app, where tenants, landlords, inspectors, and lawyers can easily view and track temperatures. Heat Seek NYC takes the burden off tenants and helps landlords and inspectors pinpoint violations and focus their efforts. So smart, and such a big help for everyone involved.

Heat Seek NYC cell | Cool Mom Tech

Heat Seek NYC has already hit their minimum funding level to start producing sensors and get at least 200 of them into NYC buildings, starting in October. But the more funding they get between now and September 30, the more sensors they’ll be able to deploy to tenants in need.

Want to help? You can set up your own Heat Seek sensor network at home, starting at $120 for the hub and cells at $60 each. When you get a hub or cell, Heat Seek NYC will automatically give a hub or cell to an NYC resident. Or you can simply donate a cell for only $30. We love how something so easy can help others stay safe and warm this winter.

Pledge your support to Heat Seek NYC’s Kickstarter project before September 30