If you’re still figuring out how to make your house the coolest on the block–after all, you do not want any leftover Halloween candy on Saturday morning, trust me–then ooh, I have a treat for you. Check out AtmosFEARfx which is doing nifty things with Halloween projection downloads, and all you need is your TV or a projector to amp up the fear factor this weekend.

The downloadable themes include cuter designs like talking Jack O’ Lantern projections that you direct towards actual pumpkins to make them talk and sing; to seriously creepy zombie invasions,  skeleton attacks, and horror movie style blood walls that are only missing the chainsaw sound effects.

Definitely consider the age of the trick-or-treaters in your hood before you choose–or save the super freaky ones for the living room, if you’re hosting an adults-only party.

(The call is coming from inside the house!)

You can either play the projection on your TV which can sit facing ground floor window, or if you have a projector, project the effect onto a light-colored wall, garage door, a prop like a tombstone, or the floor. The technology was originally created for professional haunted houses, like the stuff you see in amusement parks, so you know the quality is amazing.

AtmosFEARfx ghostly Halloween projections download

AtmosFEARfx scary Halloween projections download

Jack-o-lantern Halloween projections download from AtmosFEARfx

From the site suggestions–videos you should definitely watch if you’re going this route–it looks very cool to project spooky character shadows behind a closed curtain, creepy crawlies down onto your front stoop, or if you want to really have fun, set up some mesh or cobwebs in front of your door, then project holographic apparitions that look like they’re hanging out on your porch.

How much do you really want that candy, kids?

Download creepy projected Halloween special effects for $10 each from AtmosFX at AtmosFEARfx, and check our archives for more ways that tech can enhance your Halloween.