If you love designer labels or know someone who does, then you know your favorite items often fall into the never-fulfilled wish list. So it’s nice to see affordable headphone makers, Urban Ears, and their collaboration with one of today’s fashion greats in their new Marc Jacobs headphones.

Or really, Marc by Marc Jacobs, if you’re a stickler for such fashion world distinctions.

The new Marc Jacobs Urban Ears headphones

It’s not a total surprise; the label has brought us some awesome laptop sleeves,¬†¬†phone cases¬†and other tech accessories. But now we’re talking actual tech, with the over-ear Marc Jacobs Urban Ears Humlan headphones. They¬†reinvent their classic model in¬†three gorgeous colors inspired by the ocean, berries, and interestingly, oil–but there’s substance beyond the style.¬†Urban Ears tend to have pretty decent sound for the $60 price tag, and¬†they still come with the mic for calls, plus that smart ZoundPlug I like that lets you pair two headphones together.

But what really interests me is that Humlan headphones are first to¬†have¬†washable parts, a feature that should make any parent perk up. You can unsnap¬†the headband cover and take out the ear cushions, then actually toss them¬†¬†in the wash. Can’t say that about my MJ handbag, that’s for sure.

The new Marc by Marc Jacobs Urban Ears earbuds

If you really want a bargain, check out the Marc Jacobs Urban Ears Kransen Earbuds–a sweet little holiday gift for just 45 bucks. The red and silver isn’t bad; but that royal blue¬†plus the gold accents? Pretty swanky coming out of the gift wrap.

Find the new Marc Jacobs Urban Ears headphones at the Urban Ears website, at MarcJacobs.com, or at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores. 

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