I’m a runner. I hit that road year round, no matter the weather. And I live in New England. Trust me when I say I’ve heard every version of “you’re nuts” about this, especially come wintertime. Hey, some frozen mornings, I question my sanity, too. One thing that gets me motivated and out the door, though, is a challenge. Like tallying up my miles toward a goal or cause.

So I am pleased to find about TURN YOUR MILES (RED), an eight-week fitness campaign powered by the Nike+ Running app, (RED) and Bank of America, in support of the fight against of HIV/AIDS, more specifically to help eradicate mother-to-child HIV transmission.

How it works is pretty simple: Now through December 7, TURN YOUR MILES (RED) will set a community weekly miles goal. Walkers, runners and fitness enthusiasts participating in the campaign are asked to make a pledge to meet that goal. You keep track of your miles using the free Nike+ Running app. And for every pledged mile that you run, Bank of America will donate 40 cents (up to $1 million) to The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


TURN YOUR MILES (RED) Nike+ Running app | Cool Mom Tech


The campaign started October 12 but it’s not too late to jump right in and start now. I love how just going for a simple run gets us one step closer to beating HIV/AIDS–or roughly 2,000 steps, one mile at a time.

Learn more about the fitness and fundraising campaign TURN YOUR MILES (RED), powered by the Nike+ Running app, (RED) and Bank of America