With that extra hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time, you may find you need one more story to get the kids settled in tonight, so our kids’ music download this week tells the story of one brave little armadillo named Armando.

Performed by two of our favorites, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke,  Armando Armadillo is a Spanish-flavored tune with pretty guitar work and a touching story about a hardworking father of eight daughters and four sons. Armando’s daily run across Highway 21 to get to his job as a gardener at a nursery is illustrated quite amusingly in the song’s music video which will have you telling the kids about your days playing Frogger. I think they’ll be more impressed by Armando though.

You can download Armando Armadillo from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s new album Animal Tales at iTunes.

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