Your little Minecraft lovers are going to be able to take their favorite game with them wherever they go thanks to the new Gameband + Minecraft, the first ever wearable for Minecraft. Can you hear the shrieks of joy already?

The Gameband + Minecraft is one of the few officially Minecraft-licensed products out there, and allows kids play in their worlds on any computer, no matter where they are. It features a heavy duty USB processor and a 140-LED display that showcases GIFs, texts, animations, date and time watch functions and more, all one one durable, splash-proof band.

Basically, it’s made to be worn by kids and last.

Just open the Gameband + Minecraft and pop it into your computer’s USB; you’ll be directed as to how to save everything your Minecrafter has done (and will do) right on it. And to be safe, everything will also be backed up to cloud servers too, so that if your child loses it for some reason, a replacement Gameband with all of her worlds and builds can be shipped to you.

Gameband + Minecraft wearable bracelet allows kids to take their game with them

Gameband + Minecraft: Wearable tech gift for Minecraft-loving kids

Gameband + Minecraft saves Minecraft worlds for play on any computer

The Gameband + Minecraft comes complete with PixelFurnace, a very cool app allowing kids to create their own animations which they can save and, if they choose, share on the public gallery at You’ll also receive preloaded maps from popular Minecraft YouTubers Hypixel, SethBling, and Dragonz.  (You may not know them, but your kids surely will.)

The Gameband + Minecraft may be the tech gift of the year, allowing Minecraft-loving kids to make new creations and animations, while bringing the worlds they’ve already worked so hard on right to their wrists.

You can purchase the Gameband + Minecraft at This has been a sponsored message.

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