Many of us may soon find ourselves with shiny new laptops, but unsure of what to do with the old model. While there are some great options out there for recycling or reselling your old tech, we’re really excited about Globetops laptop donation service, a cool philanthropic way to pass your used laptop along.

Globetops is an incredible organization that facilitates the distribution of gently used or surplus laptops to people who really need them, all over the world. And what’s so cool is that you can actually select who you want to receive your donation by choosing a location — places like New Guinea, East Africa, Haiti, South America, even the U.S. — and deciding where to send it.

Globetops donates used laptops all over the world

Donate your used laptop through Globetops

Help a teacher in Guinea, a budding fashion designer in India, or a computer lab for kids in Nepal — the choice is yours. Globetops makes giving so much more personal when you can see who will receive your laptop and what they’ll use it for. Kind of makes us wish we had a whole room full of old laptops to donate.

If you’re in the NYC area, Globetops can pick up your laptop (so easy!), but everywhere else, you’ll need to mail your laptop donation to them. Then they will take care of wiping it clean and freshening it up for your recipient. And if you choose to make your donation public, you can be added to the growing list of donors on the Globetops website.

Laptop donation is such a cool way to give back, and one that I hope a lot of people take advantage of this holiday season and beyond.

For more information on Globetops laptop donation service, please check out the website. They accept cash donations as well.