Elf on the Shelf does nothing for my kids at all, but top the little fellow with this free printable Minecraft head, and now we’re talking. I assume that a Minecraft Santa Elf on the Shelf would monitor their screentime and would make sure they’re behaving nicely in multiplayer chat.

(He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you are waking up at 5:45 AM to play Minecraft PE on Mommy’s iPhone under your covers.)

Hey, at least this mob won’t explode everything around it when it gets close to you. But maybe it will make Christmas a little more relevant to today’s Minecraft-crazy kids.

Download the free printable Minecraft Santa Elf on the Shelf head from A Little Moore.

Note: My 10-year-old, Minecraft-loving son says that my headline is factually incorrect since you do not “creep” in Minecraft. I asked him to come up with a better suggestion, and he suggested I revise it to “he sees you when you’re breeding.” I think you’ll understand why I left my original headline alone. – Christina