If you’re¬†planning to give a GoPro camera¬†to¬†your favorite daredevil this holiday season, we found just the accessory to go along with this awesome gift. These silicone GoPro cases from Photojojo can help¬†keep your GoPro from¬†slipping out of your hand while you’re using it. Which would be a very bad thing.

While the GoPro housing¬†is already everthing-proof — Editor Kristen and I can attest to that, after taking an unexpected swim in Vail Creek with our GoPro cameras last summer — if you’re not zipping down slopes or surfing waves, you often don’t need the bulky case.¬†But then you’re left with a tiny camera that can be hard to grip. That’s why we love the idea of these cases, which help you hold onto it and¬†offer a dash of color. The camo is super trendy (below), or choose from solid pink or white. And hey, in a sea of black and silver cameras, this can help yours stand out (and maybe keep it from getting lost).

Silicone case for GoPro cameras from Photojojo

And yes, while¬†GoPro cameras are especially designed to handle extreme sports, the mother in us wants you to¬†pop a case on yours, just to be safe. We know all too well how easily cameras can slip out of our hands, especially when we’re juggling so many other things. And people.

Get a Silicone GoPro camera case for your HERO3+ or new GoPro HERO4 (oooh!) at Photojojo

And if you place an order today at Photojojo, be sure to get it gift-wrapped for free — and watch them do it! They’re doing¬†live online gift wrapping today at Photojojo, from 9am-1pm ET. So cool!

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