I heard a¬†local Boston radio¬†station announce they wouldn’t play any Seattle bands until after the Super Bowl which got me thinking. . .maybe there are Seahawks’ families who would prefer to listen to their home team’s kindie bands in the week leading up to the big game.¬†So, this goes out to you Seattle: Three great kids’ songs sung by bands from your city¬†to play until after February 1st.

Recess Monkey’s Wired¬†

Wired, a fast-paced song by this prolific trio of Seattle school teachers, captures perfectly how my kids get on Super Bowl Sunday after ingesting a bit too much soda and junk food. Off the album by the same name, its nothing’s going to slow me down¬†lyrics are exactly what my kids will be telling me¬†if the game goes into overtime.


Caspar Babypants' Stompy the Bear kids' music download

Caspar Babypants’s Stompy the Bear

The perfect song to burn off some extra energy, Stompy the Bear¬†builds slowly until the chorus bursts into a super-fun, stomp-around-the-room ode to a mysterious bear. From Caspar Babypants’¬†Hot Dog! album, you won’t want to¬†miss the clever stop-motion music video either. I’m betting it’ll¬†be more kid-friendly¬†than the halftime show.


The Not-Its! Temper Tantrum kids' music download

The Not-Its! Temper Tantrum

There’s bound to be someone in your Super Bowl viewing crew that won’t be pleased with an official’s call or the final score. For them, I love this rocking tune from The Not-Its! off of their¬†Kidquake¬†album. Heck, even if you don’t even watch the game, I think we can all relate.


Check out these three great Seattle kindie bands’ releases,Wired,¬†Stompy the Bear, and¬†Temper Tantrum. They’re all awesome additions to your playlist even if you have no intention of watching the game next weekend.

And don’t worry, New England. I’ll get your back¬†next week.

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