It’s true that Tinder has a reputation for being a hook-up app, but hey, people have met on it and fallen in love, or at least, heavy like. And if that’s you, well this Valentine’s Day card is for you Internet lovebirds.

This hilarious card is one of many cheeky finds at The Naughty Little Card Shop on Etsy, all of which are perfect for couples with a sense of humor. AKA the not-so-easily offended. This one might be a little inside-jokey if you’re not a Tinder user; the only way you can actually chat with someone on Tinder is if you both swipe right. But there are plenty of other cards for couples who met in normal ways, like drunk at a bar. Heh.

And yes, giving a paper card to someone you met on an app might be a little ironic, but hey, some things — important things — are sacred.

You can purchase the Tinder Valentine’s Day card at The Naughty Little Card Shop. Order soon because they ship from the U.K.