As another blizzard rages outside my suburban Boston window, Caspar Babypants’ wishful song, I Wanna Be A Snowman, will be running through my head as I shovel this afternoon. But since my kids still love the fluffy white stuff, and this song is just so cheerful and catchy, we’ll be playing it often.

Caspar Babypants, aka Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America, sings from the point of view of one tiny snowflake who longs to become a snowman. From his fourth album, Sing Along!, I Wanna Be A Snowman is a light, happy tune which even features Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard on the bongos keeping things cheerfully bouncing along. And we could all use a little cheer up here.

Download a copy of Caspar Babypants’ I Wanna Be A Snowman at our affiliate Amazon. Amazon Prime members can download this one for free.


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