With an average of 300 emoji reportedly tweeted each second, it’s time to give into our graphical language overlords; our long-standing means of written communication has officially reverted back to the days of hieroglyphics and cave drawings. We succumb! So forgive Kristen and me for getting a little punchy over text the other night and having some fun with emoji messages that adults (and parents) in particular can relate to.

Use them as inspiration for creating your own, or feel free to borrow ours–you can text them out to your loved one for a little Valentine’s Day digital foreplay.

That’s totally a thing, by the way.

Remember: Yes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But when it comes to emoji, an eggplant is never just an eggplant.

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Valentine's emoji sentences: Getting lucky

Valentines emoji messages: Whoo! The kids are asleep!

Valentine's emoji messages: Quickie

Valentine's emoji messages for parents: Let's try to stay up past 8!

Valentine's emoji messages for adults

Valentine's emoji messages. Heh.

Valentine's emoji sentences: Let's not wake the baby

Valentines emoji messages for adults

Valentines emoji messages: Getting immature, just for fun

Valentines emoji message: The best laid plans....
And…welcome to our juvenile side. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, however you’re celebrating.