I’m much more of a silly card kind of girl than sentimental, which is why I’m digging these funny Valentine’s Day cards that are made just for tech lovers, social media users, or well, anybody who owns a smartphone. Isn’t that everyone these days?


Funny Valentine's Day cards for bloggers by Sapling Press

I discovered the witty cards at Sapling Press over the holidays, so it’s no surprise that I’m loving their collection of Valentine’s Day cards too, like their “We Go Together Like” line. Show your favorite blogger a little love with this Blogs and comments card and then blow her-or his– mind and leave a comment on that person’s actual blog. Sorry, Facebook comments don’t count.

Funny Valentine's Day cards for phone addicts by Emily McDowell

Artist Emily McDowell never fails to crack me up, from her hilarious reusable grocery totes to this funny Valentine’s Day card which totally speaks the truth. As much as probably none of us would like to admit it. It’s also available as an art print if you’re looking for a funny gift.

Funny Valentine's Day cards for emoji lovers at Urban Outfitters

Emojis are for lovers, and that’s why I had to share this fun Love Emoji scratch off card that’s cute for friends, lovers, and even kids. Take a nickel to that little gold heart and reveal a kiss. And if you’re truly obsessed, pair it with one of these cool emoji gift ideas to show your love that you really heart emoji them.

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