I recently learned a tip: Waking up and beginning your day looking at Facebook and Twitter can start you off on the wrong foot. Between the political fighting, the depressing news, the spam and the trolling…yeah. Not necessarily the first thing you want to see in the morning. Instagram, however, can be a joyous respite from all that. If you’re following the right people, there are feeds that can make you happy in an instant.

Just know that I’m kind of old school with my IG. I tend to favor people who share their own photographs–at least most of the time–and don’t muck up their feeds with text overlays, memes or giveaways. And while I generally like a healthy dose of snark, I’m trying to wake up to less of it. (Though hey, maybe next time I’ll share my favorite snarky Instagram feeds.)

These are just some of the Instagram accounts I love that are filled with beauty, passion, love, whimsy, and inspiration. Maybe they’ll help brighten your day too.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Charity Water

I have no idea where they find the time to post such exquisite photos when they’re not busy saving the world–or at least providing clean water to people in need. And yet, they do. I always feel uplifted when I catch their feed, and reminded that there are amazing people on this planet devoting their lives to looking out for one another.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Humans of NY

I love seeing just which fascinating person will pop up next in Brandon’s feed. From struggling single working moms, to siblings on a subway platform, to couples describing how they met, every portrait, every story is just captivating. Not every description is always wildly happy and uplifting, but as a whole, you get a remarkable, cross-section of urban humanity, unfiltered in a way that’s a refreshing break from tabloid news portraits or over-retouched selfies.

And be sure to follow the recent story of his experience meeting Vidal from Brooklyn’s Mott Hall Bridges Academy middle school and just what it led to, including a successful $1.5mm Indiegogo fundraiser, and a meeting with someone you might recognize.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: The Planet D travel photography

Dave and Deb’s dazzling travel photos from around the world are like the Instagram version of Sunrise Earth. I wish I could print and frame every one of them. From Peru to New Zealand to the fjords of Iceland, the only negative is that you may wish you could just sell your home, pull your kids out of school, and travel the planet for the rest of your life.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Mommas Gone City featuring #theoandbeau

If you’re not already following Jessica Shyba, she of viral Theo and Beau fame, then who are you? It’s impossible to resist her gorgeously photographed photos of her toddler son–and now infant daughter–napping each day with their rescue puppy, Beau. If for some reason these portraits of love don’t make you spontaneously smile every single time, you need to find a better therapist.


Instagram feeds to make you happY: Tomochunba, the Japanese cat

If you’re more of a cat person, check out this sweet Japanese account. If you’re not a cat person, then maybe the lovely, soothing minimalist photos may turn you into one. Don’t laugh. It could happen.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Danny Clinch, rock photographer

Danny Clinch is one of the most prolific rock n roll photographers of our time. Having been fortunate enough to work with him a few times over the past decade, I can tell you that his positive spirit and true passion for his work spills right over into his photography of icons from Bruce Springsteen to Eddie Vedder to Jay Z and Questlove. Music fans can live vicariously through his feed which includes pro cam portraits alongside spontaneous Hipstamatic iPhone shots from his travels.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Sarah Palmer, photographer

Sarah Palmer’s photography is newish to me and I became a fast fan. It’s so filled with color and humor and authentic optimism, you never know what will pop up, but you know it will leave you smiling. Good stuff here.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Design Milk. So many pretty things.

Just, pretty things. Very very pretty things. Jaime Derringer’s eye for gadgets, design and home decor is impeccable and I always look forward to what she’ll uncover next.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Satiregram parodies cliches on Post-It notes
If you like Instagram enough to make fun of Instagram, this account perfectly parodies the most cliché shots with captions describing them, scribbled on Post-Its. Yes, okay, there’s some snark here. But it’s not mean. And it’s not like she’s talking about someone specific. We hope.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Hot Dudes Reading

Okay so I couldn’t resist including this one. I do hope these guys are giving permission for their photos to be used, but there’s something about, well…hot dudes all reading on their commutes that makes them hotter.


Instagram feeds to make you happy: Cool Mom Picks

At least we hope our own Instagram account makes make our followers happy. Between spontaneous shots of our kids, cool stuff we’re coveting, funny things we see around town, shamelessly embarrassing TBT photos, and Kristen mugging in makeup her four-year-old put on her (or you know, with Ethan Hawke in front of a step-and-repeat)–well, we’re definitely having fun.

[h/t Jason Zooks on Medium for the Instagram tip]