Not all of us will be able to focus on every moment of the red carpet entrances (kids needing dinner), the Oscars monologue (kid needs to use the bathroom), or even the one award you’ve been waiting for all night (kids have to go to bed) but you can get a ton of the glitz, glamour, and that new 21st century essential–celebrity tweets–by starting at one site: The ABC Oscars Site.

Click over to and you’ll find a highly slick, well produced homepage with an abundance of info and lots of sponsorships. Some highlights:


Benedict Cumerbatch: Oscars presenter

-The list of presenters. (Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch!).

-A live Oscars backstage feed starting at 7PM ET.

Trailers for all the Nominees so you can kind of pretend you know what you’re talking about at your viewing party.

-The 90 minute Live From the Red Carpet super produced pre-show hosted by Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, and Michael Strahan.

-A bizarre Oscars Spotify playlist that’s comprised of songs from the nominees answering, what song best sums what what it feels to be nominated? (Warning: Lots of “I’m so Excited” and “Happy” on there. )

-An Oscars tweet feed which seems admittedly kind of random. On further inspection, it’s all the tweets retweeted by @TheAcademy, from the likes of Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, and Oprah. Considering most are from a few days ago, I sense The Academy’s social media team is a bit busy doing other things right now.

-Coolest of all, top nominees’ answers to an Oscar questionnaire. Fascinating. Also, nice handwriting, Keira Knightly!


Robert Duval and other nominee's Oscars questionnaire. Cool.
Other Options

-If you do want to follow all the Oscars tweets, check out hashtag #Oscars2015 or simply #Oscars. And of course, keep up with @coolmompicks and our editors Liz at @mom101 and Kristen at @thatkristen who tend to pull no punches on a night like tonight.

-To help game your Oscars pool, check out our list of all the Oscars predictions from top critics.

-For less produced, more spontaneous red carpet interviews that are most likely to include those cringey, funny, extemporaneous moments we all love, you’ll want to watch E!’s Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic starting at 5:30, as they’re joined by Kelly Osbourne, Ross Matthews and even a token Kardashian.

Then, of course, grab your computer. Because if you don’t Tweet it, did it really happen?