Not all of us will be able to focus on every moment of the red carpet entrances (kids needing dinner), the Oscars¬†monologue (kid needs to use the bathroom), or even the one award you’ve been waiting for all night (kids have to go to bed) but you can get a ton of¬†the glitz, glamour, and¬†that new 21st century essential–celebrity tweets–by starting at one site:¬†The ABC Oscars Site.

Click over to and you’ll find a highly slick, well produced homepage with an abundance of info and lots of sponsorships. Some highlights:


Benedict Cumerbatch: Oscars presenter

-The list of presenters. (Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch!).

-A live Oscars backstage feed starting at 7PM ET.

Trailers for all the Nominees so you can kind of pretend you know what you’re talking about at your viewing party.

-The 90 minute Live From the Red Carpet super produced pre-show hosted by Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, and Michael Strahan.

-A bizarre Oscars Spotify playlist that’s comprised of songs from the nominees answering, what song best sums what what it feels to be nominated? (Warning: Lots of “I’m so Excited” and “Happy” on there. )

-An Oscars tweet feed which seems admittedly kind of random. On further inspection, it’s all¬†the tweets retweeted by @TheAcademy, from the likes of Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, and Oprah. Considering most are from a few days ago, I sense The Academy’s social media team is a bit busy doing other things right now.

-Coolest of all, top nominees’ answers to an Oscar questionnaire. Fascinating. Also, nice¬†handwriting, Keira Knightly!


Robert Duval and other nominee's Oscars questionnaire. Cool.

Other Options

-If you do want to follow all the Oscars tweets, check out hashtag #Oscars2015 or simply #Oscars. And of course, keep up with @coolmompicks and our editors Liz at @mom101 and Kristen at @thatkristen who tend to pull no punches on a night like tonight.

-To help game your Oscars pool, check out our list of all the Oscars predictions from top critics.

-For less produced, more spontaneous red carpet interviews¬†that are most¬†likely to include¬†those cringey, funny, extemporaneous moments we all love, you’ll want to watch¬†E!’s Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic¬†starting at 5:30, as¬†they’re joined by¬†Kelly Osbourne, Ross Matthews and even a token Kardashian.

Then, of course, grab your computer. Because if you don’t Tweet it, did it really happen?


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