From the everything old is new again files, may we present the Wooden Boombox? It’s actually a Bluetooth speaker, but on the outside, it’s a brilliant hat tip to the old school boombox of my misspent 80’s youth. Only better. because this one is made out of Acacia Koa wood instead of ugly shiny chrome, beautifully carved so it make a great conversation piece wherever you put it, and it won’t chew up and spit out 600 D batteries a week when you play Blondie nonstop because she just, like, speaks to you.

In fact, you get about 15 hours on a charge, or use the audio input and go all night.

That’s what she said. In the 90’s.

The limited edition Wooden Boombox by Jake Mize is $250 so grab it while you can from It’s an awesome gift! And if you like older school than that, check out the Head Honcho Boombox Bluetooth speaker from Derrick Castle which is designed to look like a 1930’s radio.