One day we’ll be telling our kids, “back in my day, the headphones were black! And we liked it!”¬†And they’ll look at us like we were crazy, thanks to companies like Sweden’s¬†UrbanEars which presents the most gorgeous colors each year. They just announced their spring and summer line, and whether you’re into headphones that match your handbag (I know¬†there are a¬†few of you out there somewhere), or just affordable¬†audio accessories¬†with more personality and style than whatever you have now,¬†they’re worth a look.

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UrbanEars headphones in new spring colors

The sorbet-inspired line (“Back in our day, we used to call it sherbet, and we liked it!”) includes a¬†raspberry appropriately called Jam, a lemony-¬†yellow Chick, and a pretty Mint that are each making me ready to put away the snow boots, pop on the headphones, and and¬†go out for a Vitamin D-infused walk.

Maybe to an ice cream store.

It’s not just about style though. Along¬†with very decent¬†sound at this price, there’s the¬†built-in mic to toggle between your secret guilty 80’s¬†Spotify workout playlist,¬†and calls from home. Also¬†check out the¬†Bagis earbuds¬†which snap together around your neck when you’re not listening. And the new Medis earbuds¬†(below) have a cool little well on the cord made just for the headphone jack, so you can pop it in and eliminate tangles when it’s in your bag.

I checked¬†out a pair at the¬†2015 CES show¬†last month¬†and find that for¬†a low tech solution, it’s actually pretty ingenious. Should you remember to use it in the first place. (Admittedly, I’m so so bad at that. Forgive me, anal audiophiles.).

Medis Earbuds by UrbanEars actually stay in place with a cool new feature



And hey, if¬†you still prefer the old¬†colors of UrbanEars, you’re in luck You can now buy one and get one free as they clear out the old stock, from the $39 Kransen¬†earbuds to the $99 Zinken DJ headphones, in a dozen colors like cream, clover, cobalt and coral. Also, colors that don’t start with a C.

Visit UrbanEars for a look at the new spring colors, plus an amazing BOGO offer while supplies last. Shipping is free.

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