We’ve featured all sorts of stylish USB jewelry here on Cool Mom Tech before, and really, it’s a pretty awesome gift idea (if we do say so ourselves). These blinged-out pieces from Swarovski definitely say “I love you” in a fantastically geeky way.


USB Jewelry: Heart pendant from Swarovski

USB Jewelry: Vilja Key Fob from Swarovski

Sure, a USB is a useful little gadget for the tech-savvy lover in your life, but if you want to go the extra gigabyte (ha), load up one of these pendants, key fobs, or USB bracelets (hello, rose gold) with photos or music (like a modern day mixtape), and you’ve got a sentimental gift too.

Just be sure to leave a little room for data. Because as much as we geeks love style, function is very important too.

You can purchase the USB pendants, USB bracelets, and more at Swarovski

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