Remember those weekend¬†mornings when you would roll out of bed with just enough time to make it to brunch? After losing an hour of sleep last night to Daylight Savings, I’m feeling a little pang for those days. Which is why my kids’ music download choice¬†this week is this wryly funny¬†and beautifully languid¬†song from the singer Vered, off her debut album,¬†Good Morning My Love.

The track¬†At 63 recalls those late nights and lazy mornings with fondness and a dose of humor, reminding us parents that we’ll all be able to sleep in as late as we want–in just a few more years. Because as much as we love those little people¬†that can’t wait to get the day started, we’d be ever so appreciative if for now, they’d just let us sleep past 6 AM.

Download a copy of¬†At 63¬†from Vered’s¬†Good Morning My Love¬†from our Amazon affiliate. And, keep your ears open for a new album from Vered coming later this year.



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