Sometimes it’s the little things that can help a desk feel less cluttered and more pretty, and so I really appreciate the new Belkin MIXIT metallic USB cables. Metallic, as in silver, gold or space gray. As in, matching your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or new¬†gold MacBook 2015.

The 6-inch USB-to-lightning cable¬†is the perfect length to keep the cord tangles to a minimum on a desktop or for travel, though I do love¬†4-foot cables¬†so I don’t have to answer a phone with my head against a desk or outlet. Plus the braided cable is super rugged, so it’s not going to fray any time soon.

Oh, and hallelujah for Apple certification. Which in human terms, means¬†you don’t get that annoying this device may not be supported blah blah blah¬†message pop up on your phone every time you plug it in.

If you’re in the market for a new cable anyway, why not get one that looks this great? Besides, the reviews sure beat those for Apple’s own cables.

Find the Belkin MIXIT metallic USB-to-lightning cables, compatible with iPads, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Prices are $24.99-29.99 on Belkin, or at a discount from our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Galaxy owners: Also check out the Belkin MIXIT Micro-USB to USB cables in a rainbow of colors from purple to green to blue.

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