Just imagine all the free space and potentially sanity you could have back if all your smartphone photos and videos were automatically uploaded to one safe place as soon as you captured them. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Bevy, a new device and app that uploads, stores and organizes all your photos and videos without you having to do a single thing.

Besides take them in the first place.

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Bevy photo storage and organization app

The sleek, small, 1TB Bevy photo storage device is simple to set up; just plug in in, install the free Bevy app on your smartphone or tablet (available on iOS now, Android coming soon), then connect your gadgets wirelessly. Give Bevy permission to upload photos and videos either manually or automatically…and done.

Now all those great photos and videos will instantly upload the second you snap them. Plus any family member who has the free app on their smartphone or tablet can access them all too.

Meaning you don’t have to email huge video files, or keep “remember to send Grandma all those Thanksgiving pictures from 2013” on your to-do list anymore.


Bevy photo and video storage gadget allows family members to access media with permission

The entire Bevy system is a smart way to free up lots of storage space on your smartphones and tablets, while minimizing the time spent organizing, backing up, and sharing your photos. Because if you’re like most parents who take tons of photos, that’s a whole lot of photos–and a whole lot of family members who want to see them too.


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