I have a thing for simple, smart design, which is probably why I’m such an Apple fan. It’s also why I love so many of the Apple accessories designed¬†with the same sensibility. So all it took was the silhouette¬†of this¬†Ray Tablet Stand¬†handcrafted by Ciseal, and, yeah.¬†I filed under Need One Now. Then added it to the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop so you can grab one too.

Observant¬†mid-century design fans may get the Ray reference; the molded plywood tablet stand with walnut veneer is¬†inspired¬†by Ray and Charles Eames’s illustrious LCW¬†chair. In fact, the stand looks a lot¬†like something the couple might¬†have created¬†themselves, could they even have conceived of iPads, Kindles, Nooks and Galaxy Tabs back when color¬†television¬†was considered technologically advanced.

I think the stand would look gorgeous on a kitchen counter, on a nightstand, or just on a desk. Maybe an Eames desk. Though that will set you back even more than a fully-loaded new iPad.

Find the gorgeously handmade to order¬†Ray Tablet Stand¬†by Detroit’s¬†Ciseal at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. It’s sized to fit pretty much any tablet.¬†

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