It’s no secret that we’re way into the indie designer bag and accessory label Hayden-Hartnett. And with their new Spring 2015 colors for the Mission Tablet organizer, we can definitely add one more thing to our ever-growing H-H Obsessions List.

It’s sleek, chic, and can totally pass for this season’s latest clutch, which you can blame on their fab signature leather, the slim fit, and the trio of fun, fresh colors.


Hayden-Harnet Mission Tablet Organizer in Hot Pink

Hayden-Harnett Mission Tablet Organizer interior

But inside, well, the organizer part of the organizer is pretty cool too, with an easy-access slot for your tablet, and all sorts of pockets and pouches for your ID, business cards, and more, ready to be carried on its own or popped in your tote. Which, like ours, is — ahem — already organized and devoid of any gold fish crackers, loose mint wrappers and cap-free pens, right? (Just nod; that’s what we always do.)

Hayden-Harnett’s Mission Tablet Organizer in the new spring colors is available on the site for $168.

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