With one of the main complaints about the new Macbook 2015 stemming around the single USB port, it makes perfect sense that technologists and developers are on that issue, stat. Because hello, functionality? Not all of us have all the time and patience in the world to plug in one device at a time to our computers. So the Infinite USB Cable, currently a Kickstarter campaign, is a smart — and dare I say attractive — solution to the problem.

You can check out all the details at the Vojotech site, since the respected cable maker is working in collaboration with a Chinese design student (with a big future) on the product development.

The best part is you can plug in multiple USB cords at once, or use it to accommodate the standard 30-pin plug, a microUSB (like Vojo’s cool one here on Amazon) and an Apple Lightning plug too. That way you can charge an iPhone — or any Android device or camera — with the lightning cable, right through the adapter as well. Hallelujah!


InfiniteUSB: Genius solution to plugging in multiple devices in one port


InfiniteUSB lets you plug in multiple cords to a single port. Genius!


I for one will be all over this when it’s out, trying to figure out just which color I like bst. And then, I bet Apple will all over it too; I can’t imagine they won’t come out with their own $150 adapter to allow you to charge multiple USB devices. You only think I’m exaggerating.

Visit the Infinite USB Cable campaign on Kickstarter where for a $12 contribution you can choose a single cord, get all 5 colors for $50. The project ends 4/22/15 but they’re already way over their fundraising goal. Also Vojotech for more info.

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