In an effort to up my photography game this year and well, get an actual hobby instead of laundry, I upgraded from an iPhone camera to shiny DSLR. But no way in you know what I’m going to lug it around in my already too-full tote, nor do I really dig the idea of carrying around another bag and a not very pretty one at that, so hello Kelly Moore camera bags.

Admittedly, I’ve always loved Kelly Moore camera bags but never actually had a legitimate reason to get one until now, which just so happens to be timed perfectly with her new collection.

Kelly Moore camera bags: The Brownlee in blue and black

I’ve got my eye on the Brownlee, particularly in the black and white (top) though the blue and black (above) is a close second (or do you see it as white and gold? Ha, dress joke!).

Kelly Moore camera bags: The Steph in metallic

I also really love the Steph, which is sort of like getting two bags in one with the double handles which can be folded over for a whole new look. Also, metallic, you guys. I’m obsessed.

And of course, both provide ample protection for your camera and extra lenses, as well as lots of pockets for SD cards, and other essentials making it a bag that can totally replace your handbag rather than become an additional something for you to carry. Which means, they are definitely priced as such. Think designer bag that holds your precious camera.

While you don’t get a ton of extra room, which is important to note if you tend to carry the kitchen sink with you on a daily basis, with my kids being older now, I’m finding that I can get away with much less, or maybe it’s just that I know a little more about what I need (wallet, phone, camera) and all those kid-related things that I don’t.

You can purchase the Brownlee and the Steph styles of Kelly Moore camera bags at