Have you ever been scrolling through someone’s fashion-fabulous Instagram feed and spotted a pair of shoes or a clutch or scarf (or ahem, Liz’s stack of bracelets) that you really like? I’m talking really like, to the point of wishing you could reach into the tiny screen and snatch it for your own? Well get ready to check out STYLR, a new social shopping platform that can help you get that coveted piece.

STYLR lets you browse a range of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories via pics posted on Instagram. Not that you’ll see Liz’s bracelet photo here — the images are curated from a mix of fashion brands’ feeds so it actually looks more like a catalog that includes designers like Gucci, Tibi, Paige Demin and Ted Baker, plus more accessible options from Urban Outfitters, Bauble Bar, Eastpak.

And keep in mind, this is not one-click shopping from your Instagram feed — just yet. It’s its own site, which culls Instagram photos you love into a dedicated “I want to buy this kind of stuff” feed.

Social shopping via Instagram with STYLR

Each item has been specifically tagged to appear in the STYLR feed, so you’re not weeding through the inspirational quotes or staff holiday party shots to find the bag you love; then the photo is individually linked, allowing you to purchase the item with one click — right there from Instagram.  Neat, right?

How to buy on STYLR: Social shopping from fashion on Instagram

Tap that little shopping bag icon (you could almost miss it) and now that affordable engraved coordinates bar pendant from Bauble Bar, perfect for Mother’s Day, is yours.

Obviously it’s not as fast as just going to the Bauble Bar or Gucci or Rag & Bone site, if you know what you want. But this is about browsing. Which as we all know, is have the fun when it comes to shopping.

STYLR  is a new way to buy the things you love curated from Instagram.

I love that you can browse without committing to anything or joining the community or even creating a profile. (We all can’t stand shopping sites that force you to register before you can even browse.) However if you log in and create a profile, you can personalize what you see on the feed, say you want all Marc Jacobs, all the time. Or just women’s, or just handbags.

Then there’s the social aspect, allowing you to follow other people on Instagram and see what they’re “heart-ing” and buying through the STYLR.

Overall, STYLER is like a web 2.0 way of window shopping, only the windows are all small, square and have cool filters.

Visist STYLR.com to check it out for yourself. From what we can tell this isn’t related to the dismantled STYLR app that was bought and dismantled by Walmart Labs last year.