We’ve been spring cleaning our¬†house for a few weeks now, thanks to a little book on¬†the Konmari method of tidying and organization,¬†so when I heard the song called Too Much Junk¬†by Elska, I knew I had my family’s new anthem. Give it a download and I bet you’ll be grateful to send your kids this message too.

Elska’s¬†Shelley Wollert’s light and pretty voice is the perfect accompaniment to the electronic-pop music which also¬†features¬†Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen on keyboards. And the lyrics, which ask why we’d want to live with so much junk, really resonate as we go through the stuff we no longer need.

Download a copy of Elska’s new single¬†Too Much Junk. And don’t miss the scenic music video that was shot in the expansive, remote Icelandic¬†Westfjords as well as a pretty snow-covered Christmas tree farm in upstate New York.¬†



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