Earth Day falls on Wednesday this week, though we’re trying to teach¬†our kids to think about the Earth — and our role in keeping it healthy — every day. And this new song by Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly from their most-excellent album¬†Trees¬†is a wonderful call to get back to nature¬†that is making¬†me want to drop everything and¬†head straight for the woods.

To the Woods sings of¬†all the fun things kids can do while exploring the woods, whether it’s a big forest or just a patch of trees in the backyard. Lyrics reference a¬†time that will probably¬†be more familiar to us grownups, back when we were allowed to stray far from our property lines until dinnertime, even carrying a–gasp–pocket knife with us. But when Molly sings of following a new trail to another Narnia to walking along nature’s balance beam on the forest floor, I think the¬†message here will appeal¬†to every generation.

Download a copy of¬†To the Woods¬†by Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly from their new album¬†Trees¬†through our Amazon affiliate link. It’s a great Earth Day pick.


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