I have to admit that disposable cameras make me pretty nostalgic for the old days¬†of¬†pressing the shutter, then having no idea how those¬†snaps turned out until I picked up the envelope of prints. (Ed: Or better, finding an undeveloped disposable camera in a drawer somewhere and being terrified about what you might find on it. TMI?)¬†¬†So I’m loving this bit of genius:¬†Photojojo’s Disposable camera app.

This new app makes your iPhone function like a disposable camera. You get 27 exposures, 27 prints, no previews and zero do-overs.

It’s just like using one of those plastic and cardboard contraptions…well, almost. And hey, no landfill guilt!

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The Photojojo Disposable Camera App: 27 prints automatically shipped to you when the last one is snapped

Photojojo automatically prints and ships your photos as soon as you take that 27th picture. Just know¬†that there’s no negatives for reproducing¬†any of your faves. What you shoot is what you get. What you get is something you can hold in your hands, not text or post or share within seconds of taking the shot. And¬†I find that part of the charm of a¬†disposable camera app.

Plus, I think this app would be a riot for tweens and teens What do you mean, I can’t see the picture until it comes in the mail?! But how will I know if I look good?

Download the Photojojo disposable camera app for iOS on the iTunes Store. The app is free, 27 prints cost $12.99 which is a better deal than I got at Fotomat in the eighties. Photojojo hopes to start work on an Android version soon.

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