No matter how much you or your family is online, the last thing you want to worry about is malware, viruses, and data and identity theft. That’s where the award-winning Webroot security software comes in, to help insure that your computers and even your mobile gadgets have the protection that they need to keep you and your data safe.

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Available for both PC and Macs, as well as mobile devices, Webroot quickly scans your gadgets as you browse, without using a ton of memory. In other words, you can continue to use your browser and your social media accounts safely, all while Webroot is blocking questionable websites and alerting you to potentially harmful links.

This is especially important if you’ve got younger kids who aren’t quite so tech savvy, or even older kids who are using computers and smartphones on their own.

Webroot Internet security for PC, Macs, and mobile devices

Along with the malware protection you get when you install Webroot Internet security, online shoppers can rest easy too, knowing your passwords and credit card numbers are safe.

And if by chance you or a family member happens to click on something they shouldn’t have? Webroot offers automatic remediation, which means any infected system will be repaired automatically. That’s peace of mind.

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