After a particularly long stretch of snow days this winter, I realized I needed a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Because, kids. If you are with me, here’s one that takes care of two big parental issues: Tangle-free, noise-cancelling Juice 2.0 earbuds from Zipbuds.


Also? They’re super affordable.

The signature feature is a zipper cable designed to keep those wily little cords from getting tangled in my bag–or in the hands of my children– and it’s pretty genius. Of course, it can still get itself in a knot, but definitely reduces the possibility.

I wondered, though, if these were all about the zipper and not about the sound. I mean, how great could the quality be for $24.99? The answer is, they’re decent. I took a walk outside with them, and the noise of lawnmowers and kids playing was mostly blocked. Then again, so was the noise of oncoming cars (yikes).

They are not top-of-the-line sound quality for sure; for that you’ll want something like the BeoPlay H8 noise-cancelling headphones from Bang & Olufsen, which Liz raved about at CES. But then, those are hardly 25 bucks.


Zipbuds tangle-free noise-canceling earbuds



With Zipbuds, you will find the cord is heavier than the nearly-weightless iPhone standard issue, and it can make a slight squeaking noise when you’re moving around with them on. (I’ve seen other reviews with similar complaints.) My tip: wearing them over my back seems to fix that problem. And the weight means they’re probably not your best bet for serious workouts or runs. But for listening to music with affordable earbuds that a clever fix for both tangles and ambient noise, it’s pretty hard to beat these.

In fact, go ahead and try them out. They have a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

Find different colors of tangle-free noise-canceling Juice 2.0 earbuds by Zipbuds at our affiliate Amazon