My kids got a huge kick out the original Makey Makey invention kit that we featured here on Cool Mom Tech a couple of years ago. And now they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Makey Makey GO, which has killed its goal in a matter of days. But you can still be one of the first people to get your hands on this very cool tech toy that’s made to inspire little and big inventors.

Like the Makey Makey, which basically allowed you to turn anything into a mouse or keyboard (yes, even a banana), the Makey Makey GO does the same exact thing, except it’s super portable. Just pop it into the USB on any computer, connect the cord to anything that could possibly conduct electricity, and well, the possibilities are endless.

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Makey Makey GO: Dog-o-phone

The Dog-o-phone: The dog hits the foil heart and it calls Skype!

Makey Makey GO: Slackline counter The Slackline Counter: See how long you can stay on a slackline (We’d be at -1, ha)

Makey Makey GO: Donut Keyboard

A Donut Keyboard: Tap the donut and it works like a space bar.
Eat the donut and well, who knows what happens.


And yes, they’ve already exceeded their Kickstarter goal, but if you’re looking for a fun Christmas gift (units will ship late fall), plan ahead and back them. For just $19 you get the whole Make Makey Go kit. Talk about awesome holiday gift. And I’m not necessarily talking about kids, here.

Head over to the Makey Makey GO Kickstarter page for more information. The campaign ends July 10 and schedules to ship in November.