With all the digital ways you can say “Happy Mother’s Day” to the special mom in your life this Sunday, sending an actual paper card is an extra special treat. And that’s why this card made me laugh.

Yes, I love texting and Facetiming as much as the next person, but you know, there’s just something about getting a handwritten note, and even better when it has a little self-depricating humor, like this Not Sent from my iPhone greeting card. In just a few words, it says lots of nice things, like that you took the time to write with a pen, and if you’re like me, scavenge through your junk drawer for a stamp.

Of course, there’s not really time to purchase this as a ready-made card, but fear not, it’s available for digital download. Which, you’ve just got to love the irony.

You can purchase the Not Sent from my iPhone greeting card at Simple Things on Etsy. And hint: Moms love actual phone calls. Your iPhone does that too.