Pluto may have gotten¬†all the press last¬†week, but tomorrow¬†marks the 46th¬†anniversary of¬†Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin setting foot on the moon back in 1969. So in honor of National Moon Day–which, yes, is an actual unofficial holiday–we have¬†a¬†great tune to download about Earth’s own natural satellite.

Danny Weinkauf’s rocking tune The Moon is Made of Cheese¬†combines lyrics about the celebrated space walk back in ’69 with the amusing belief of kids everywhere that the moon is not rock and sand, but cheese. From his most-excellent debut album, No School Today,¬†this song from the Grammy-award-winning composer and They Might Be Giants’ bandmate may get your kids staring up into the night sky a bit more intently, trying to figure out if what he says is true.

Download a copy of Danny Weinkauf’s¬†The Moon is Made of Cheese¬†for National Moon Day on July 20 from our affiliate Amazon.

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