When you’re setting the tone for bedtime, a lullaby or two can do the trick. . .that is, until the kids consider themselves too old for such sweetness. So even if they’re still heading off to slumberland with their favorite lovey, a couple of nightlights, and a few peeks under the bed to check for monsters, let them know how grown up you think they are by playing this too-cool new rapping lullaby by Play Date.

Ninja Pajamas, off their brand-new release We All Shine, is mellow–but not too mellow–and perfect for bedtime as it sings about the power of a great pair of PJ’s to keep all the scary stuff at bay. With rap from underground hip-hop artist P.O.S., this isn’t their baby brother’s lullaby.  Just watch out for those ninja kicks if they sneak into your bed in the middle of the night.

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