When I think of a mobile charger that’s made for a woman I think, why?  What does it do differently? (Don’t answer that question, Kristen.)  And then I checked out the gold GoCharge from Peri and I totally get it.

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The beautiful little GoCharge is designed specifically to fit into a clutch or small purse, which means this thing is thin. As in like, whoa…that’s thin thin. Only 6.5 mm wide, in fact, so you can see why I’m pretty blown away. As much as I love my Jackery, it definitely weighs down my handbag, especially when I’m toting a wristlet to an evening event.

As for how it functions, I’m impressed. You can fully charge your iPhone about 1.5 times and while it doesn’t seem to charge quite as quickly as the bigger guys, it does the job just fine. I also like the integrated Lightning cable which tucks right into the back to help keep it sleek and streamlined, though I do often pack my own additional Micro USb cable so I can power up my charging case directly. (What can I say, I hate being caught with a dead battery.)

Peri GoCharge ultra thin portable charger: Fantastic for travel or tucking into an evening clutch

Here the one downside if you’re an Apple user, but upside if you’re an Android user: They make a Peri GoCharge with a Micro USB..and it’s like $20 less than the one with the lightning cable! What’s with that? So hey, maybe I should just get that one to begin with for charging my case.

Also know that if gold isn’t your thing, there’s also a black option. And yes, of course men can use them too. A slimmer charger in that back pocket of yours sounds awfully nice, doesn’t it?

Find the GoCharge mobile charger from Peri at our affiliate Amazon in gold or black for $49.99 with free Prime shipping; and the Peri GoCharge mobile charger with a Micro USB now on sale for just $29.99. Each comes with its own USB charging cable as well. Thanks to the company for sending one for review.