At a time when it seems like our favorite gadgets are getting bigger, not smaller (hello, iPhone 6+) it’s pretty cool to discover the Remix Mini — an incredible new computer that you can easily hold in your hand. Seriously.

Everything about the Mini kind of blows me away. It’s got the functionality and power of a PC, with all the benefits of Android security and apps. Plug it into outlet power, connect all your peripherals (screen, keyboard, mouse), and get online via WIFI or Ethernet. Then, you can just head straight to your favorite Android app store and start downloading. From Facebook and Pinterest to Gmail and Netflix, everything that you do with your laptop or desktop, you’ll be able to do with the Remix Mini.

The Remix Mini Android PC

But here’s the part that’s really unbelievable: the price. The pricing for the Remix Mini will start at $30 with 1GB of RAM, or $40 for 2GB of RAM.

It’s okay if you have to read that a few times to believe it. I did too.

Before you grab one of these palmtop computers (now as a Kickstarter campaign, by the way), there’s a couple considerations to keep in mind. The Remix Mini won’t replace your laptop: it requires outlet power, and a separate monitor and keyboard. Also, hard drive storage is minimal — 8GB with the $30 Mini, 16 GB with the $40 Mini — so cloud storage is essential.

I can see the Remix Mini as a great option if you often move between offices or client worksites, where you can use peripherals but don’t necessarily want to log in to your web-based accounts on a borrowed computer. As light and compact as a laptop can be, the Remix Mini definitely has the upper hand.

Check out the Remix Mini on Kickstarter, where they’ve already blown their funding goal out of the water. With 40 days to go, there’s still time to grab your own Mini. Delivery estimated for October 2015.