Oh c’mon, I know that emoji are already all over your phone. Is there anyone that can still resist the siren call? I think not! That’s why I going all-in with one of these emoji smart phone cases. The question is, which one should I get?


Emoji smart phone cases: Lovestruck from Kate Spade NY

I like Kate Spade’s interpretation of emoji, which not surprisingly makes them seem a little more upscale. The Lovestruck emoji iPhone 6 case [Edited: currently out of stock] is my favorite of her collection, but she’s got a few others to choose from. Or, I could buy a couple and change them depending on my mood.


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Emoji smart phone cases: Rainbow emoji at Society6

It’s funny how simply arranging emoji based on color can change everything! This rainbow emoji case, available for Samsung users (yay!), it’s a little more of what you’d expect from an emoji case, but with a cool twist.


Emoji smart phone cases: The Emoticon case by Sonix

This clear emoji iPhone case by Sonix [Edited: out of stock] means you can still see your pretty phone through the back. It’s bold and whimsical, and sort of reminds me of the sticker collections from my youth. Nostalgia. It’ll get you every time.


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