Of all the great songs on Renee & Friends’ amazing new album Simpatico, the one that I’ve had running in my head for weeks is a Prince cover featuring the voices of Renee Stahl of kindie band Renee & Jeremy and Maya Rudolph. Yes, that Maya Rudolph.

Turns out, in addition to making me laugh my head off on the big and small screens, Maya Rudolph also has an amazing voice. And her soulful sound pairs so nicely with Renee’s in this gentle yet upbeat rendition of Prince’s Starfish and Coffee.

Let’s be honest, not every one of Prince’s songs are ideal for kids. But in this case, not only is Starfish a cool tune, but it tell the story of Cynthia Rose, a classmate who always stood at the back of the line /A smile beneath her nose. It’s a perfect song for our kids to get to know as they start another year of school. Play it for them, and remind them that sometimes the most different kids are the most wonderful to get to know.

Download a copy of Starfish and Coffee from the excellent new release Simpatico.


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