Road construction is one of those travel hitches we all want to avoid, unless you’re one of those toddlers and preschoolers who think those giant machines are the coolest ever. Now they can get their fill of drilling, paving, and bulldozing with the brand new Tiny Builders construction app, without the need to rubberneck on the highway.

A lot of the “things that go” themed apps we try here don’t quite make the cut for us, but this one from German developer Wonderkind is really engaging, coupled with illustrations that feel like a classic children’s picture book. Kids can explore every part of the construction scene, find out what the workers are up to, and even help them out.

Practically every aspect is interactive, from the beeping cars, looping airplane, and spinning wind turbines, to all the heavy equipment. Use the crane to create a building, lay asphalt and roll it smooth, and even dig a tunnel.

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Tiny Builders construction app: Build a skyscraper, dig, excavate, and more

Tiny Builders construction app combines digging, building, and even house painting

While I wouldn’t call Tiny Builders an educational app, it’s certainly an entertaining way to engage younger kids who are fascinated by construction. I also like that kids can customize their construction workers’ skin, hair, sex and clothing, plus the colors of the machines, which all add to the app’s creativity factor.

In fact the developers claim that there are 65,000 possible variations of builders and machines which should keep  kids busy for a while before they’ve even started digging.

Tiny Builders construction app: 65,000 combinations for customizing construction workers and the sites kids can play with

Personally, I enjoyed painting the house in a color scheme no HOA would ever approve.

Download the Tiny Builders app for iOS on  iTunes for $1.99, but we’d suggest iPad or iPad Mini to get the most out of the detailed graphics.

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