This week at the Maker Faire, which is kind of one of the best thing ever, it was so fun discovering not just the amazing tech activities and gadgets and inventions, but what some of the more craft-based makers were doing. One discovery: The fabulously geeky baby onesies and tees from the Rhode Island based Periodically Inspired.

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Now we’ve seen quite a few tees and products in the past that have fun spelling out words using the elemental abbreviations from the periodic table of elements, from I Lv U mugs (that’s Iodine, Livermorium, Uranium)  to HOLiDy ornaments to my favorite, Ice Cream Tees’ Oxygen Magnesium tees, A.K.A. OMg. But what’s cool about the onesies from designer Courtney Church is just how perfect all the messages are for your future chemists, physicists and other savers of this here universe.

They’re all lots of fun, but my very favorite: I CrY Periodically.


Baby Genius onesie from Periodically Inspired

I CrY Periodically | Fun geeky baby onesie from Periodically Inspired

Nerdy by Nature baby onesie from Periodically Inspired

Brainy chick periodic table onesie: Love it!

I NaP Periodically geeky baby onesie: Love it!

The choice of colors is pretty great from slate gray to bright green and even hot pink. Because I think we’ve safely entered the era where girls can like pink and science all at the same time. That makes me really Livermorium Uranium, designers at Periodically Inspired.

Find these cool geeky baby onesies plus tees for adults and other gifts at Periodically Inspired.