Our editor Liz has been telling me for a while now how much she loves her Bandolier phone case; she even named it her cool pick of the week on the Spawned podcast. It’s the perfect accessory for taking an iPhone or Galazy phone along to parties or on dates, or slinging it over one shoulder like a stylish crossbody when you want to be hands-free and still have your phone nearby.

As a mom in the suburbs, I wasn’t as sure I’d really use one as much as she does in NYC, since I’m in the car a lot and I tend to just throw my phone in my bag. But when I saw their new Bandolet case for iPhone, which come with a shorter wristlet chain for clipping onto your bag or tote, I thought I’d give one a try.

TLDR: It’s sweet!

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We're loving the short chain on the Bandolet phone case, so we can hook our phones to our bags or wrists.
The short wristlet chain on the Bandolet phone case is great for date night or quick trips out of the house

The Bandolet phone case attaches to your bag or wrist with a stylish gold chain.

Instead of a long, shoulder strap that makes the original Bandolier so great for going out with just a credit card and you phone, the Bandolet case is attached to a short chunky chain perfect for clipping to the strap of my handbag when I want to reach it quickly. No more digging through the bottom of my bag = awesome. (Just make sure you’re somewhere that someone isn’t likely to snatch it.)

Or, just hang it over your wrist like a clutch if you want it in your hands, but not in your actual hands.

Of course, if you love that long strap, you can buy the Bandolet case then also add an additional strap since they’re all interchangeable once you have the case.Plus there are some more funky and glitzy styles if you want to shake things up.

New Bandolier iPhone and Galaxy cases: A gorgeous accessory that keeps your phone handy, plus flaps to keep a bit of cash or a credit card

Also new for the iPhone 6/6Plus Bandolier cases: a flap that discreetly covers the pockets where you can stash cash or a credit card. You know, so your kids don’t see it and ask to borrow it. I think little detail adds a little more safety and a lot of sophistication to the design; in fact I thought the original all-black case looked a little cheap before, and now it feels like it’s of much nicer quality. It’s also nice that they’ve added a  collection of Bandolier cases for Samsung Galaxy 5 phones,

But forget black; I’ve got my eyes on their gorgeous snakeskin covers in jewel tones for fall. So pretty.

(UPDATE: The Galaxy Bandoliers are being discontinued because evidently, you Android fans just aren’t the tech accessory buyers that iOS users are. If you want one, grab it now.

You can find the Bandolet iPhone case for iPhones 5/5S, 6/6S and 6 Plus on their site plus Bandolier for Samsung Galaxy 5 while they last The straps are interchangeable for any case. Also, get free shipping for orders $95 and up. 

Thanks to the company for sending a case to CMT for review.