If you’re like me and have ridiculous smart phone battery life issues and always need to have your smart phone plugged into the wall, the car charger, or a battery pack, then you need The Power Purse like yesterday.

So ignore the name (sorry, purse makes me think of grannies these days) and look at what the Power Purse actually has: a small battery pack that will give your smart phone a full charge. The bonus it’s actually a cute wallet too, with inner pockets, zip closure, and a removable strap if you want to wear it as a wristlet.

Power Purse portable charging clutch at Photojojo

Power Purse Charging Wallet | Cool Mom Tech

Just check the LED light to see how much charge you have left, and then use a USB to add more juice to the pack itself. It’s a brilliant all-in-one that keeps your clutch from weighing down with a heavier portable battery. And the price is much more affordable than some of the other charging bags I’ve seen. What a great gift for a mobile-addicted grad in your life, or just for yourself.

Hooray for one less thing I have to remember, since I can barely keep track of my wallet. Let alone the cords, battery packs, and the kids. Kidding. Sort of.

You can purchase The Power Purse at Photojojo e in red or black + white polkadots.