If your kids are having a hard time waiting for Halloween to hurry up and get here, we’ve got a fun treat to share with you that will keep them busy and challenged this week. Developed by Kano, whose DIY computer kit wowed us earlier in the year, Kano Mischief Week kicks off on Monday, October 26th and ends on Sunday, November 1st with free daily coding challenges for all abilities. Just sign up with your child’s email, and they’ll be invited to join the Kano community to access some daily coding challenges.

Kids can participate in the challenge everyday, or just pop in and do the ones that look the most fun to them. So, you don’t need to worry about them missing a day or falling behind. The instructions are very clear, even for kids who are just starting to learn about coding.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Kano held a free online coding camp this summer. And like that coding camp, Mischief Week will get kids using code to draw spooky pieces of art, which can be as simple or involved as they chose to make it. Kids can then chose to share their art with friends and family, or even upload it to Kano World, an online space where kids can share their creations.

Throughout the week, the Kano staff will pick their three favorite drawings featured on Kano World. The creator of those drawings will then win a tee-shirt featuring his or her artwork. Now, that’s pretty awesome.

Sign up now for the Kano Mischief Week, which will include free daily coding challenges beginning Monday, October 26th through Sunday, November 1st.