If you work on your computer all day like I do, and well, like many of us do these days, my guess is that you can totally relate to this funny geeky shirt. But really, any busy parent can probably relate to the sentiment too because oh the juggling, right?

I’m guilty of having at least 10 tabs open at a time, maybe more, on my computer, and well, let’s be honest here, in my life. With kids, and work, and um, kids. Sound familiar? Sometimes it feels like I’m just flipping between tabs when really I need to close them all out and reboot. Whoa, pretty deep. 

Really, this hilarious shirt is a very geeky way to warn people you might have a case of the Mondays. Or at least, need a few more cups of coffee before you’re fully functional.

You can purchase the My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open shirt at Thug Life shirts.