We are still reeling over the events that happened in Paris on Friday and struggling with how much to share with our kids of varying ages. We hope our post, How to talk to your kids about the tragedy in Paris, has helped you find resources to help your own family.

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One thing we don’t want to happen is for our kids to internalize a message that Paris is a scary or unsafe place to live or visit. The City of Love is one we still hope to see someday but until then, we will be dreaming of Paris with a beautiful, somewhat mysterious-sounding song from Lori Henriques that sings of this wonderful place.

Beau Paris begins with Lori’s gentle piano playing before she invites us to join her in Paris, running through a list of things we’ll do, like sing, dance, and–of course–eat. This pretty bilingual song also includes the voice of her young son, Leo, who echoes her in his small, sweet voice.

As she sings, Il faut voyager, for sure. Our hearts are there already.

Download a copy of Beau Paris from Lori Henriques off her much-loved album, How Great Can This Day Be, at our affiliate Amazon.

Top image: Free printable Paris playset created by Lori Henrique’s brother, Joel Henriques at Made by Joel.

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