One of the sweetest things you can share with your kids on the 14th, well, in my opinion, is this brand-new compilation album of kids’ music for Valentine’s Day called Heart Beats, featuring a whole bevy of artists whose music we’ve loved for years, from Laurie Berkner to TMBG’s Danny Weinkauf to the Verve Pipe. And unlike those candy hearts kids will eat by the handful, this treat is totally sugar-free and won’t leave everything they kids touch sticky.

Kicking off with the sweetest little ukulele-backed tune, Little Bitta You, from quirky favorites Andrew & Polly, you’ll be sweeping up your littlest Valentine and spinning them around the room in no time at all.

You’re bound to smile listening to the clever lyrics in Our Love Fits which has Danny Weinkauf paired with Laurie Berkner to sing about love in hilarious ways. As in, it fits together like “the straight to an arrow…or the Mia to a Farrow.”

I also love the pairing of singer-songwritier Jim Cosgrove with the soulful voice of Jazzy Ash on Love Comes Back, the jazziest tunes on the album.

From The Verve Pipe’s achingly sweet When One Became Two, to Caspar Babypants‘ boppy Because I Love You, to Josh & the Jamtones‘ ska-and-reggae flavored L-O-V-E, I do love how all the eclectic voices come together over a dozen songs to make an album you’ll want to play long after February 14th.

Just don’t ask me to pick my favorite; I’m choosing them all to be my Valentine.

You can download a copy of Heart Beats from iTunes, or grab a hard copy of the album at Mighty Mo Productions.